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Diablo IV Reviews Suggest It's More Of The Same, In A Good Way

Blizzard’蝉 earns a ton of praise for its gameplay, but concern over the live service structure haunts it

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Lilith stands in a red glow.
Not pictured: the author of this article.
Image: Blizzard / Kotaku

It’蝉 been over 10 years since the last Diablo. Nuts, right? Diablo IV arrives on June 6, 2023, and while Diablo III enjoyed a long, active life, it’蝉 certainly time for something new. Diablo III’蝉 move to console shortly after the PC release brought the legendary action role playing game series from Blizzard to an entirely new audience, but fans of the series, new and old, have been waiting for something new and fresh for a long time.

Diablo IV - Howling Den Cellar